Solstice Magnolia Perfume

$24.00 CAD

Lemon-magnolia ice cream, sugar cone, Hawaiian sandalwood and light traces of honeysuckle, thumbprint cookies with quince jam and iced unsweetened black tea.

This airy and light gourmand floral (flormand) opens with a bright, sweet and creamy magnolia and lemon ice cream. The tea, honeysuckle and thumbprint cookies with quince jam add body and lightly weave in and out of the core of the scent, which focuses on the magnolia, ice cream and sugar cone notes. The sandalwood is very delicate and provides fixative qualities and gentle presence in the dry down. The final dry down is a creamy vanilla with very light floral notes. This scent is soft and could be deemed work appropriate, once it dries down. The magnolia is primarily a shorter lived heart note but it is so wonderful for the time it is present in the blend. The overall scent shares some parallels with our popular spring scent Chiffon, though there is no white musk or white amber. The similarities come from the vanilla and lemon combo. Solstice Magnolia is a different fragrance and has much lighter lemon than Chiffon but they share a similar airy, gossamer, light, sweet veil on the skin. Perfect for spring or summer, or in the depths of winter when you're craving a pick-me-up and some brightness.


5 ml roll-on.

Ingredients: Oryza Sativa (Rice) Bran Oil, Fragrance (may include essential oils).

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