Solstice Kyphi Perfume

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Notes: Frankincese, Raisin, Honey, Labdanum, Myrrh, Red Wine, Beeswax, Galangal, Cassia, Lemongrass


Solstice Kyphi is a frankincense resin forward blend wrapped in plump raisins, sticky golden honey and warm beeswax, rendered red wine, rich resinous labdanum and dusty myrrh with light traces of spicy cassia, galangal and bright lemongrass. This kyphi incense inspired perfume is primarily natural and contains house tinctures of Hojary frankincense, organic raisins, cassia, galangal, beeswax and pine resin paired with a wide variety of natural essences and a few synthetics to enhance some of the fantasy accords. This blend opens with a bold blend of frankincense EOs, absolutes, CO2s and the Hojary tincture paired with a beautiful honeyed raisin. The wine is very gentle and has a deep mulberry-like fragrance. Cassia has a fragrance almost indistinguishable from cinnamon and is used extremely lightly (skin safe and an extremely low part of the fragrance). The CO2 and tincture of Galangal, a rhizome similar to ginger, is enhanced with a touch of fresh ginger and ginger CO2 to add a light touch of spice. Solstice Kyphi is a complex sweet, resinous, honeyed raisin and delicate spice fragrance that contains sacred resins and beautiful natural essences. The lemongrass is used sparingly to add a brightness to the effervescent frankincense.

Solstice Kyphi is enhanced with house essences of lapis lazuli and gold and is finished with resonate vibrations from crystal singing bowls attuned to 432 Hz, focusing on the crown and pineal chakras. This perfume is based in organic cane sugar alcohol.

Due to the use of beeswax in this perfume, it is not vegan.  

Ingredients: Organic cane sugar alcohol, Fragrance (may include essential oils).

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