The Queens of Snow and Air Collection

$24.50 CAD

The elements of a dark, obscure tale from the Brothers Grimm, presented in the order in which they appear. 

Little Lully: 
Our heroine. Innocent, gentle, rosy-cheeked.
Tender new blossoms of lily of the valley and honeysuckle are kissed with coconut milk, copaiba balsam, and butter CO2 extract.
Small Cottage in a Clearing:
The cozy scent of milky coffee with white sugar, cinnamon, ginger, allspice, and a faint undercurrent of dangerous black musk.
The Old Forest:
Smoky resins with Bourbon vanilla bean, wild honey, dragonsblood, dark musk, kush, a hint of fir needle, and a drop of antique vetiver.
Gehern the Troll:
He lives high in the mountains in his frozen cave.
Fresh gingerroot, warm gingerbread, nectarine, bergamot, sweet orange.
7 Apples Grow in Ice:
Honeyed winesaps and green apples with pearl musk, skin musk, white pepper, and a tiny hint of frozen grapefruit.
Astrid the Cold:
The mystical, enigmatic queen of air.
Neroli, chilled vodka, rich amber, oak moss, coconut husks, lavender.

Astrid's Diadem: 
The Queen of Air's regalia.
A bright sparkler of Madagascar vanilla, Bourbon vanilla, sugared lavender creme, citron, lemongrass, peppermint, and a touch of stately patchouli.

Sigrid the Wise:
The beautiful, merciful queen of snow.
Labdanum absolute, smoky frankincense, myrrh, and glorious, golden vanilla.
Necklace Made of Tears:
Poor Lully.
Sticky spun sugar with frankincense tears, peach nectar, violets, lacrima water, and cardamom.
The Sighing Bridge:
Dark, sweet pipe tobacco with 3 precious ambers.
Snowflake Palace:
At last.
White tea leaves, white amber, silvery soft musk, and a swirl of wood smoke.

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