Parlor Trick

$25.50 CAD

Ivory lace, white wax, aged paper, glossy white smoke, teak, black tea, blonde woods, delicate spice, bone musk, Manor and a faint trace of rose

Parlor Trick opens with a blend of ivory lace accord, dripping white wax, aged paper and a puff of steaming black tea. A glossy white smoke infused with delicate spices and vanilla undulates around these notes, weaving softly - arising and receding. A faint trace of rose flits around the edges. A creamy blend of blonde woods, teak, traces of Manor and bone musk melds together at the drydown with flutters of lace.

Parlor Trick is a smooth, sweet but not foodie, elegant unisex blend. The smoke note is not a campfire or incense smoke; it's instead a glossy spectral fog infused with a very soft spiced vanilla. This blend also contains a medley of notes that are carefully restrained and not readily identifiable that contribute to the body. In addition to the focal notes, these include conservative additions of cognac, tobacco, bois de rose and a touch of soot.

Parlor Trick is a chameleon of a fragrance. It shifts and morphs throughout the wear time. At one moment, you grasp a set of notes only for the scent to shapeshift and reveal additional layers. This scent has an overall atmospheric effect created from many moving parts. The sum of the composition is a balanced wearable blend that reads as very smooth and creamy with well-blended aspects of wood, wax, spice, aged paper and musk, wrapped in a comforting sweet shawl of vintage lace.

Ingredients: Oryza Sativa (Rice) Bran Oil, Fragrance (may include essential oils). 5ml

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