Night-Tripping Fairies Collection

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If you will patiently dance in our round

And see our moonlight revels, go with us.

Freshly baked vanilla cakes, sweet honeysuckle blossoms, and a soft, warm bed of summer grass.


We the globe can compass soon

Swifter than the wandering moon.

Wild-harvested pine needles, wild sweet orange, Atlas cedarwood, cypress leaf, fir branch, pink pepper, wet stone, honeywood, and shimmering salt crystals.


Over hill, over dale,

Thorough bush, thorough brier

Blushing sakura blossoms entwine with delicate orchids, pink patchouli, wild raspberries, and gold pomelo.


Over park, over pale,

Thorough flood, thorough fire

Jasmine sambac, amber resin, woody amber accord, ambre blanc, dragonsblood resin, and a curl of smoke.


I do wander everywhere,

Swifter than the moon’s sphere

Lilac-infused champagne, wild-harvested juniper berries and boughs, white iris, dry vanilla bean soda, silken wings, and cool water.


And I serve the fairy queen,

To dew her orbs upon the green.

Pistachio gelato and vanilla ice cream over soft forest mosses and wild-harvested fir tips.

Quick Bright Things:

So quick bright things come to confusion.

Sweet lavender absolute, French vanilla, wild orange, ruby grapefruit, sandalwood, amber resin, a dash of cognac, and a hint of green violet leaf absolute. 


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