Monastic Perfume

$26.50 CAD

Notes: Frankincense, fog, rose, myrrh, labdanum, spikenard, dust


Monastic is a deep, rich, resinous rose. A full-bodied robust and reverent resin fragrance. Monastic opens with a delicate top note of fog enshrouding a cluster of warm frankincense and myrrh, followed quickly by emerging fresh and dried rose petals. Contains rose absolutes, rose otto and rose attar from around the world, frankincense resin from Oman and Somalia, spikenard from Nepal, myrrh, 7 year aged patchouli (very little in the blend for those of you who do not care for patchouli), peru balsam, labdanum and various other natural and synthetic components for body. The primary notes in this blend are the aforementioned. The initial application of Monastic is very bold and takes a few minutes to unfold as it warms on the skin. This is a medium throw fragrance with good longevity. Dries down to focus on the resins, primarily frankincense and a little dusty myrrh. This fragrance is different from our other resinous offerings such as Basilica, Scrying Smoke, Incensum and Conjure Dark. It shares parallels with all of these perfumes though. Monastic does not contain any wood notes like some of the other perfumes just mentioned. It is also only marginally sweet. It is a thick, resinous, sacred fragrance coupled with wafts of velvety rose.

Ingredients: Oryza Sativa (Rice) Bran Oil, Fragrance (may include essential oils). 5ml. 


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