Incensum Perfume

$18.00 CAD $22.50 CAD

Loaded with rare, precious, and exquisite ingredients, Incensum features an amber base with loads of frankincense and myrrh resins, palo santo wood, spices (soft touches of clove, cardamom, and nutmeg), sandalwood, spikenard, Indian attars, oud, several vetivers, copal, a light hint of saffron, and a little bit of jasmine and rose absolutes. A very meditative blend. It's sweet, spicy, dusty, warm and golden. It has a variety of labdanums, frankincenses (including some from a very small artisanal distiller) and is heaviest on these two notes but it's also complex and I didn't hold back on some of the costlier and more precious oils and attars. Incensum is a 100% botanical blend with only essential oils, absolutes, attars, etc. 

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