High Desert Perfume

$21.00 CAD


Desert Sage, Ceremonial White Sage, Sandalwood, Mitti, Cacti, Tobacco, Hay, Smoke, Labdanum, etc. - 5ml


This perfume has been slightly reformulated from the original. It smells very similar to the previous version but is not identical. High Desert is a dry, woody, herbal reverent blend designed to evoke the atmosphere of the hot unforgiving, yet majestic, desert habitat of the American southwest.   It features dominant notes of herbal white sage and desert sagebrush with supporting background notes of soft woods, sweet Indian tobacco, hay, Saguaro cactus, juicy prickly pear cactus, baked sand and just a touch of smoke, labdanum and red musk.  Despite the complex palette used to create High Desert, these notes were selected to enhance and compliment the beautiful sage blend.  On cold sniff you will experience a dried sage leaf with a sweet fruity prickly pear top note and dry hay and tobacco finish.  On initial application the crisp green Saguaro cactus emerges amidst an endless open blue sky. 

High Desert softens soon after application with emphasis on a blend of light woods and dry herbal sage with the occasional whiff of sweet tobacco and hay.  The dry down hugs very close to the skin and liberal application is recommended to increase its strength and longevity.  It does not morph significantly but after several hours the labdanum will be detectable.  High Desert is a meditative, beautiful and very relaxing fragrance that is especially wonderful before bed.  Atmospheric, Unisex.

High Desert features a blend of fragrance oils along with the following essential oils, absolutes and CO2s: White Sagebrush, muhuhu, nagarmotha, copal bark, sweet clover, labdanum, tobacco, sugandha and mitti attar.

5ml oil-based perfume.

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