East of the Sun, West of the Moon

$23.00 CAD $29.50 CAD


The Maiden: The honeyed, heady purity of wild pear sorbet with gold gardenia, night-blooming jasmine, lily of the valley, tuberose, and a drop of white almond.

White Bear: Bourbon vanilla ice cream, coconut husks, coconut creme, and foraged wild blackberries.

Three Drops of Wax: A clean white shirt, a burning candle flame, melted beeswax, braided hemp wick, old leather, snow, and ash.

A Terrible Enchantment: The scent of a powerful curse created in the dark forest: oudh, opium smoke, fir, pine, cypress, and juniper.

Wicked Stepmother: The darkest, wickedest vanilla melds with rich, glowing resins, tobacco-laced incense, warm benzoin, and dried figs.

Golden Apple: A perfect, crisp, non-spicy apple is gilded with brown sugar, warm cardamom, and organic vetiver.

A Long & Elegant Nose: The opulent scent of a high society anti-heroine. Luminous amber, polished to a gleaming shine and set in gold.

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