Dangerous Places Collection

$33.50 CAD

Bermuda Triangle: The Devil's Triangle in the North Atlantic has been the
scene of mysterious disappearances for many decades. White coconut, ginger
cakes, fresh ginger, red bananas, golden vetiver, creamy almond, and
cask-aged rum.

Mount Osore: Site of a Buddhist temple, legend has it that this active
volcano in Japan also contains an entrance to the Land of the Dead. Dark
red rose petals, Japanese amber, sooty palo santo, and smoking nag champa

Death Valley: This vast expanse of desert in Eastern California is one of
the hottest places on Planet Earth. Juniper berry, juniper branches,
creosote bush, helichrysum absolute, and tiny wildflowers.

Raven Rock: Also known as the Underground Pentagon, this secret bunker in
Pennsylvania is where U.S. leaders plan to wait out Armageddon. The green
leafiness of the Blue Ridge Mountains with cherry blossoms, white tea, and
hints of basil, cilantro, and dill weed.

Vatican Archives: This highly restricted library in Vatican City is
rumored to hold forbidden books, dangerous documents, and heretical
secrets. Honey from the Papal apiaries, Roman figs, Atlas cedarwood, smoky
frankincense and myrrh, crimson musk, black musk, and smudgy parchment

5 ml.

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