Coast of Cascadia Collection

$33.50 CAD

Sand in Your Tail: Summer nights are fun while they last. Musky black
vanilla beans and sultry orange blossoms with smoky tree resin, ambergris, pink pepper, tabac, and rich incense.

Echolocation: How whales find one other. Ambergris and amber resin with ruby grapefruit, sweet guava, saltwater, vanilla pods, and the merest hints of patchouli and vetiver.

Sea Glass: Gifts from the sea. A delicate blend of violet petals, bee
balm, translucent honey, neroli, tuberose, narcissus, and skin musk.

Yurt: The scent of sleeping in a rustic yurt surrounded by old growth
forests. Glowing dragonsblood resin and cedarwood with hemlock, fir
needle, juniper, and bonfire smoke.

Goofy Foot: An ode to surf culture. Fresh coconut and cardamom with green notes of spearmint, fresh basil, and one drop of vetiver grass.

Nacre: The pearlescent sheen found inside certain shells. A mix of the
prettiest vanilla with a plenitude of tropical white blossoms, pearl musk, a tiny hint of pineapple, and a quick squeeze of lime.

Pink Saltwater Taffy: A candy pink blend of cherry, sugarberry, black and gold raspberry, vanilla fondant, white sugar, and a grounding touch of patchouli.

Surfers on Acid: Based on the deliciously beachy (and rather wicked)
cocktail, with sweet coconut milk, pineapple, and absinthe.

Black Sand: Atmospheric sweetness with a hint of salt air and a subtle
undercurrent of danger. The richest amber resin, black coconut, coconut husks, and smoky vetiver.

Cascadian Mermaid: The scent of a dank mermaid in the Pacific Northwest. Cannabis concentrate accord, uplifting grapefruit, cotton candy, Moroccan blue chamomile, vanilla-laced sugar cane, warm rain, wild-harvested spruce tips, and shimmery mermaid musk.

5 ml.