Violet White Leather Perfume

$22.00 CAD

Violet, Vanilla, White Leather, Coumarin

Soft powdery violets resting on a vanilla cloud float atop ripples of supple white leather.  An ethereal violet blend featuring a creamy character similar to Violet Mallow and a wispy, white, airy presence in the vein of White Fox, Violet White Leather pairs a cool-toned sweetened violet with an exquisite supple white leather.  Violet clouds drift peacefully above the leather note.  Upon initial application, a sweet blast of coumarin and vanilla accompanies the white leather.  The leather is most detectable at this point.  Delicate powdery violets emerge and quickly tame the leather note, resulting in a very smooth and sophisticated pairing.  The creamy violet blend is most prominent on the dry down, though the white leather remains faintly at the base of the scent lending a sensual mood to the composition.

Ingredients: Oryza Sativa (Rice) Bran Oil, Fragrance (may include essential oils).

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