The Witches Collection

$25.00 CAD

The Witches

Witches Cast Love Spells: Created with witchy intent, this is a love-and-sex drawing blend of Autumn honey, intensely fragrant vanilla beans, sweet cinnamon, and a dribble of milk.

Witches Cavort With Cupcakes: Pumpkin spice cupcakes are smothered in gobs of cream cheese frosting. Many sugar. Such gourmand.

Witches Draw Down The Moon: Infused vanilla oleoresin with sweet maple creme, maple sugar, dry Madagascan vanilla, and moon-white marshmallow.

Witches Run a Farm Stand in Oregon: Green, uncured hemp with lavender, vintage patchouli, spearmint, fir needles, zucchini blossoms, Oregon roses, honeysuckle, and white amber.

Witches Stumble Home After a Crazy Night Out: Black vanilla with blonde tobacco, juniper-infused gin, champagne, green cognac absolute, wine grapes, and cassis.

Witches Want Chocolate & Terror: Arcana's Holy Terror (an unsettling, austere blend of burning frankincense, sandalwood, deep myrrh, and dusty beeswax candles) with rich dark chocolate and French cocoa absolute.

Witches Wear Big Black Stompy Boots: Billowing clouds of smoke over perfectly aged black vetiver and black musk.

Witches Win a Plush Zebra at the Carnival: Raspberry-flavored cotton candy, bubble gum, vanilla taffy, rain, and gin martinis sipped from a silver flask. Because witches know how to have fun.

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