The Doll Parts Collection

$20.00 CAD $28.50 CAD

Fairy Cake: A sprightly, pretty mix of two golden cakes, lush fig, apple peel, buttery lavender absolute, and carnation petals.

Mother of All Souls: A queenly, unapologetic gourmand. Three dark, decadent vanillas entwine around white chocolate, a small sip of rum, and one drop of French cognac.

Lady Garden: A fresh floral. Heady notes of lily of the valley, honeysuckle, jasmine sambac, and marigold are balanced with green galbanum and soft dill feathers.

The Hooded Lady: She is mystery incarnate. Arcana's Smoked Vanilla with sweet, fresh peach, linden, jammy fir absolute, and a tiny tingle of spearmint blossom.

Carvel's Ring: Extra sweet. Vanilla-infused candy floss, sugared violets, blackberry jawbreakers, Tuscan grapefruit, and green musk.

The Glowing Pearl: Atmospheric woodsmoke eddies softly around labdanum absolute, pearlescent musk, coconut milk, and bittersweet chocolate.

Velvet Glove: Pure beeswax absolute, soft leather accord, amber resin, 12 year aged vetiver, and dark Manuka honey. (vegetarian, not vegan)*

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