Marshmallows Attack!

$23.00 CAD $29.50 CAD

Marshmallows Brawl! Marshmallows with organic Haitian vetiver, black musk, red musk, rum-soaked cherries, and a bit of graveyard dirt.

Marshmallows Crush! Marshmallows with Bourbon vanilla beans, Italian bergamot, pink pepper, and French cognac absolute.

Marshmallows Drown! Marshmallows with crisp apples, seaweed absolute, rain, fog, and a drop of neroli.

Marshmallows Kick! Marshmallows drenched in rich honey and bee pollen with a hint of popcorn.

Marshmallows Pounce! Marshmallows with brown sugar, sweet peaches, and white tea.

Marshmallows Pulverize! Marshmallows with our Black Sand accord (amber resin, black coconut, coconut husks, and smoky vetiver).

Marshmallows Resist! AKA Marshmallows Resist Raspberries & Robots. Marshmallows, fresh raspberry, citron, and cold, shining steel. We will be donating $5 from the sale of every single bottle to NWDC Resistance, a group which works to end the detention of immigrants and stop all deportations.

Marshmallows Smash! Marshmallows and caramel cheesecake with sweet pumpkin, cinnamon, and French cocoa absolute.

Marshmallows Smoke! Marshmallows with woodsmoke, dry black tea, dead Maple leaves, and a hint of vanilla.

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